Our mobile homes, Chalets

Mobile home    Chalets    Chalets

Our mobile homes, chalets can accommodate 4 to 6 persons. They have the same comfort as a modern house : several seperated bedrooms with beds, a kitchen, a bathroom, heating, a terrace, a car park, etc. The total area is between 100 and 120 m2.

These mobile homes, chalets  are suitable for families as well as for small groups of people who want to stay in the green without sacrificing a comfort of a home. You will enjoy the freedom and the amenities of the camping, while maintaining your privacy.

Our „Glamping POD“, modern and cozy wooden huts.

Glamping POD

You want a change of scenery, but do not want to compromise in terms of comfort? Our "Glamping POD" will certainly meet your expectations! These are wooden huts made of natural and ecological building materials. Thanks to the power supply and heating, the residents have a certain comfort in the home. Just the thing for a stay in harmony with nature.

A "Glamping POD" can accommodate 2 to 3 holidaymakers. The sanitary facilities and all the other infrastructures of the campsite are in close proximity. The small terrace with a table and chairs is suitable for social meals or simply to relax.

Safari tents for authentic stays


Would you like to enjoy a few days in absolute harmony with nature, but without compromising on the comfort of your home or the equipment? Then you should definitely discover our Safari tents! You can receive them up to 6 people and those are optimally equipped: kitchen, separate bedrooms with beds, heating, terrace, awning, Lounche set, etc.

Simple rooms.


We have 5 simple rooms for up to 4 people. Ideal for the walker or cyclist.

Our pitches for tents, caravans and mobil homes

In addition to the rental accommodation, our campsite has numerous pitches for tents, caravans or mobile homes. The latter are arranged accordingly.

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Mobilhome Tamaris - From € 60,00
Camping POD - From € 30,00
From € 79,00 - Accommodations
Pitch campingcar - From € 22,50 for 2 persons
Pitch Tent - From € 13,50 for 1 person
Pitch - From € 22,50 for 2 persons