We think of the environment !

Dear guest,

As a campsite, we are always trying to be environmentally aware.

Therefore, in recent years we have done a lot to reduce waste, water consumption as well as power consumption.

Some examples are:

  • An environmental park where you can separate waste ( House waste, paper & cardboard, glass, and various packaging materials), batteries, light bulbs, disposable gas bottles can be handed in at the reception.
  • You can get free household waste bags at the reception.
  • Water-saving taps as well as shower heads have been installed in the sanitary facilities.
  • All lighting has been replaced by LED.
  • Heating and hot water are provided by Fernwärme.
  • All cleaning products carry the Ecolabel.
  • Toilet paper is made of recycled paper.
  • Hand dryers are installed in the toilets instead of paper towels.

What can you do as a guest?

  • Help and sort your waste properly.
  • Use water sparingly. Think about showering.
  • Tap water is of good quality to drink.
  • Do not use a chemical product for your toilet but an ecological one that has exactly the same effect. For example, Aqua Kem Green, or vinegar.
  • Use free public transport during your stay.
  • The campsite is easily accessible by train. Station at 800 metres.
  • This year we have worked hard to obtain the Ecolabel as a campsite.

The Ecolabel is a Luxembourg Label, which certifies environmentally conscious companies. More information about this label can be found at