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Coronavirus-Frequently asked questions

We understand that because of Corona, you have questions about booking your holiday in 2021.

What is the policy for customers who have booked a holiday in a country with negative traveller reviews?
Each country has its own rules and reviews. We ask customers to plan their holiday carefully according to the information available from the local authorities.
Please check this information regularly. We also try to keep you informed through our website.
For information on security measures in Luxembourg, please see
Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions at the moment.

Frequently asked questions about bookings/cancellations
What happens if the holiday is not possible due to negative travel advice from your local authority or the Luxembourg authorities, or if the campsite is later or not open due to the effects of the coronavirus?
In these cases, we suggest that you contact the campsite to postpone your stay or request a refund.
What happens if I already have (continuous) travel insurance? Do I need to apply for cancellation insurance?
You can contact your insurance company for any questions regarding cancellation in connection with the Corona virus. The conditions in this respect differ from insurance to insurance. If your insurance does not cover this issue, you can use our general conditions.
What happens if I want to cancel my holiday myself but there is no negative advice and the trip can go ahead?
If you finally decide to stay at home after booking, despite the fact that the campsites in Luxembourg are open and there are no negative travel advisories for Luxembourg, this is a situation where you cancel at your own request and you can always reschedule your booking to another period in 2021.
I don't want to reschedule my holiday, but ask for a refund of the amount paid for my trip.
I have postponed my holiday to another period because of the epidemic. What happens if the holiday does not take place because of measures taken at this pine tree?
If the new holiday is cancelled due to covid-19, you will again have the opportunity to choose one of the above options.

Where can I find the latest information on the coronavirus?
For the country Luxembourg, you can find information at the following address

Does my cancellation insurance cover costs in case of cancellation?
Please contact the insurance company with whom you have taken out your cancellation insurance for information on coverage.

Travel advice.
You can find all current travel reports by country on the website of your country's foreign ministry. Please note: negative travel advisories only apply at the time of travel.

Can I enjoy my camping holiday safely?
Our campsite is subject to safety protocols drawn up by the Luxembourg authorities:
-Staff safety: staff work according to strict local safety guidelines. They receive detailed instructions on applicable protocols, use protective and disinfectant materials and are ready to assist you with any questions you may have.
- Safe distance: we do everything in our power to guarantee a safe distance in the campsite, for example by special walking signs in the facilities. Wearing a mask is compulsory in the toilets, in the reception and in the tourist office, for everyone from 6 years old.
- Cleaning and hygiene: we work with an adapted cleaning protocol in accordance with the Corona guidelines. This allows you to use all facilities safely.

- Travel safely in your own car: in your own car you travel more safely to your holiday destination than by plane or public transport.

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